About Us

About Us

BCR Environmental Corporation is an environmental solutions company transforming the way municipalities treat and manage biosolids and organic wastes. BCR has several industry-revolutionizing technologies that convert organic waste streams into safe, valuable, and marketable end products.

BCR is growing rapidly because we offer solutions that lower costs and reduce risk. BCR has a significant U.S. market position as a technology innovator and leader in the municipal biosolids sector. Our Whole Solutions eliminate odor, improve regulatory compliance, simplify biosolids and organics management, and convert waste streams into renewable resources.

BCR’s promise to our customers is rooted in our core principles and reflected in our corporate vision and mission.


Our Vision

BCR’s vision is to be the best, most reliable, and most trusted company in the biosolids and organic waste industries by delivering transformative solutions that lower costs and risks for all of our clients.

Our Mission

BCR’s mission is to transform biosolids and organics management practices by providing simple, scalable, environmentally responsible, and economically viable solutions that lower costs and risks to meet the long-term needs of every client.