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BCR Environmental is the preeminent developer of biosolids & organics management facilities in the State of Florida with more than seventeen facilities operating or in development across the state and a combined 30 years of proven operating history. BCR is currently expanding to deliver transformative biosolids and organics solutions across the United States and Canada.

These featured case studies highlight the solutions and benefits that BCR provides to our clients.

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Neutralizer® – Haines City, Florida

In 2012, Haines City, Florida, installed BCR’s Neutralizer system at its 3 MGD wastewater treatment plant to upgrade from Class B biosolids to a Class A/EQ fertilizer product. Following installation of the Neutralizer solution, Haines City has experienced significant cost savings and expanded beneficial reuse options for its fertilizer product.

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CleanB® – Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida

In 2012, the Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville installed BCR’s CleanB system at its wastewater treatment plant. Since start-up of the CleanB, NAS Jacksonville has experienced a 95% reduction in energy consumption for biosolids treatment and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 480 tons per year.

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CleanB® – Alachua, Florida

In 2009, BCR brought to market the cost-effective CleanB solution as an alternative to aerobic and anaerobic digestion. The City of Alachua installed a CleanB system to avoid digestion, eliminate odor issues, and reduce overall costs.

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Neutralizer® – Clay County Utility Authority, Florida

The Clay County Utility Authority (CCUA) installed Neutralizer systems at each of its four wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) between 2006 and 2010. Neutralizer operations resulted in a substantial reduction in annual energy and operating costs for biosolids treatment and disposition.