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Neutralizer® – City of Deltona, Florida

In October 2013, the City of Deltona, Florida, contracted with BCR to install a Neutralizer system at the City’s new Eastern Water Reclamation Facility. Deltona was seeking cost-effective Class A biosolids management solutions for its new wastewater treatment facility. The Neutralizer system was chosen over thermal dryers, lime stabilization, pasteurization systems, and traditional digestion. City staff and consulting engineers determined that the Neutralizer solution offered the lowest overall lifecycle costs. Neutralizer also provided superior odor management, enhanced regulatory compliance, and a reduction in sludge volumes compared to the other technologies under evaluation.

The City of Deltona Neutralizer facility will process Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) produced at the Eastern Water Reclamation Facility. WAS from the clarifiers will be processed through the Neutralizer system, dewatered, and then distributed locally as a high-quality fertilizer. As part of the Neutralizer solution, BCR will install a SCADA system to provide central control, monitoring, and real-time facility performance reporting. The system will include a user-friendly, logically structured operator interface for comprehensive monitoring and control of the process.

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