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CleanB® – Fort Pierce Utility Authority, Florida

In 2013, Fort Pierce Utility Authority, Florida (FPUA), contracted to install BCR’s CleanB and dewatering solution at its 8.0 MGD wastewater treatment plant to upgrade from sub Class B biosolids to a Class B product. Fort Pierce faced several challenges, including nutrient loading issues in the local environment, escalating energy costs, odor issues, digester capacity issues, and stringent environmental regulations. In addition, FPUA faced budgetary and financial resource constraints as a result of outsourced dewatering, hauling and disposal services. BCR provided FPUA with a Design-Build CleanB and dewatering solution to upgrade the residuals to Class B and diversify the disposal outlets. The solution consisted of a CleanB system with a Centrisys centrifuge for sludge dewatering.

The CleanB installation processes WAS from the utility’s wastewater treatment plant. WAS from the clarifier is sent to a single sludge holding tank for decanting. After sufficient quantities of WAS are accumulated, the sludge is processed through the CleanB system and dewatered. The dewatered Class B cake is then land applied to a permitted Class B land application site or sent to a BCR regional Accelerated Composting facility. As part of the process improvements at FPUA, BCR installed a SCADA system that provides central control, monitoring, and real-time facility performance reporting. The system includes a user-friendly, logically-structured operator interface for comprehensive monitoring and control of the CleanB process. The biosolids facility was designed, permitted and constructed by BCR and Arcadis Engineering.

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