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Haines City NuTerra™ Facility, Florida

BCR’s Haines City NuTerra Facility is an environmentally beneficial regional biosolids management facility delivering lower costs, enhanced regulatory compliance, and reduced liability. The 200 wet ton per day facility will produce NuTerra, BCR’s Class A/EQ premium compost.

Sustainable Biosolids Management

The Haines City NuTerra Facility incorporates BCR’s Accelerated Composting technology. The Haines City facility is a long-term solution addressing the challenges facing Florida biosolids management programs, including:

  • Increasing regulatory restrictions
  • Nutrient limitations designed to protect local watersheds
  • Elimination of Class B and even some Class A land application sites

BCR assumes long-term responsibility for all biosolids supplied to the Haines City NuTerra Facility and produces a Class A/EQ compost that meets the requirements for participation in the U.S. Compost Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program, greatly improving marketability.

Benefits of the Haines City NuTerra™ Facility

BCR is negotiating long-term service contracts with regional municipalities for on-site CleanB treatment and dedicated capacity at the Haines City NuTerra Facility. Clients who participate experience numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduced On-Site Operating Costs: Under a long-term service contract, BCR’s CleanB system, installed on-site at your treatment plant, pre-conditions biosolids for composting. CleanB simplifies biosolids treatment and reduces costs.
  • Reduced Regulatory Risks: Florida is moving away from landfilling and Class B land application. Participating in this regional biosolids management facility ensures that you have a Class A disposition option.
  • No Long-Term Liability: As part of the service contract, BCR takes complete, long-term reponsibility for your biosolids.
  • Guaranteed Capacity: The Haines City facility offers a guaranteed, year-round disposition option for your biosolids under a long-term contract.
  • Elimination of Odor Issues: CleanB effectively eliminates nuisance odors associated with biosolids treatment at your plant, throughout composting, and in the final product.

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