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CleanB® – Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida

In 2012, the Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville installed BCR’s CleanB system at its wastewater treatment plant. Since start-up of the CleanB, NAS Jacksonville has experienced a 95% reduction in energy consumption for biosolids treatment and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 480 tons per year.


NAS Jacksonville, the largest Navy base in the Southeast and the third largest in the nation, was seeking energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies to reduce energy consumption as part of its efforts to meet the United States Navy’s aggressive energy reform targets.

BCR Proposed the CleanB Solution to allow NAS Jacksonville to substantially reduce energy consumption and overall operating costs related to biosolids treatment while producing a beneficial reuse product suitable for land application.

In 2012, the base upgraded its wastewater treatment facility by installing a CleanB solution to eliminate the need for aerobic digestion and achieve U.S. EPA Class B biosolids standards for beneficial reuse.

The CleanB® Solution

NAS Jacksonville CleanB™ System

CleanB is a simple process that meets pathogen and vector attraction reduction requirements as defined by 40 CFR Part 503. The system is highly scalable, has a small footprint, and may be mobilized or permanently installed onsite. Every CleanB system is outfitted with a control system and monitoring devices to record process parameters and ensure efficient operation.

The CleanB solution provided NAS Jacksonville an environmentally sustainable approach to achieving its goals of reducing both energy consumption and overall costs.

Project Summary

The CleanB system was integrated into the NAS Jacksonville wastewater treatment plant as follows:

  • The existing aerobic digester was taken offline, eliminating a substantial source of energy consumption
  • A CleanB unit was installed to treat waste activated sludge from the clarifier to Class B standards prior to dewatering

Following installation of the CleanB solution, NAS Jacksonville has experienced numerous benefits, including:

  • Energy cost savings of approximately $75,000 for the first year of CleanB operations
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 480 tons in the first year of operation with a projected reduction of 9,653 tons over the next 20 years
  • Improved dewatering of biosolids resulting in approximately 12 fewer truckloads of biosolids in the first year
  • A 71% decrease in polymer consumption
  • Total operating cost savings of approximately $105,000 in the first year of operation and cumulative savings of approximately $2.9 million over the next 20 years

NAS Jacksonville Financial Analysis

BCR completed a detailed financial analysis based on verified operating data comparing aerobic digestion operations to CleanB at NAS Jacksonville. Data were collected over the first year of CleanB operations to verify the results. The analysis indicates that CleanB will save NAS Jacksonville approximately $146,500 per year on average over the next 20 years, primarily due to decreased energy consumption.

Projected Annual Energy Cost Savings

Projections based on verified operating data show that annual energy savings will average almost $107,000 over the next 20 years compared to previous aerobic digestion operations.

Projected Reduction in GHG Emissions

The total projected GHG reduction is 9,653 tons over the next 20 years. This number considers energy reduction, reduced hauling, and the elimination of aerobic digestion.

Projected Annual Truck Loads of Biosolids

CleanB enhances dewatering, decreasing the total volume of biosolids. This results in 13 fewer truckloads per year and average annual savings of over $10,000 on hauling and disposition.

Projected Annual Operating Costs and Savings

Total projected annual operating cost savings at NAS Jacksonville translate to paybacks on the equipment and the entire installation of 5.0 and 6.5 years, respectively.

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