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Southeast Florida NuTerra™ Organics Facility

BCR’s Southeast Florida NuTerra Organics Facility is an environmentally beneficial regional biosolids management facility delivering lower costs, enhanced regulatory compliance, and reduced liability. The 200 wet ton per day facility will produce NuTerra, BCR’s Class A/EQ premium compost.

Sustainable Biosolids Management

BCR Environmental is developing the Southeast Florida NuTerra Organics Facility as a long-term biosolids management solution. The facility, incorporating BCR’s Accelerated Composting technology, is designed to address the growing environmental and economic challenges facing the State of Florida. The facility addresses the challenges of:

  • Florida water resources management: Florida is facing growing water management challenges as a result of pollution and water shortages.
  • Everglades protection and nutrient limitations: New regulations are going into effect to limit nutrient pollution, particularly nitrogen and phosphorus, in Lake Okeechobee and the Florida Everglades. Nutrient limitations are designed to protect and restore the delicate Everglades ecosystem.
  • Florida’s increasing recycling goal: Florida statute 403.706 sets aggressive targets for organic waste recycling for the State, with targets set at 50% by 2014 and 75% by 2020.
  • Elimination of biosolids disposition options: Many Class B and even some Class A biosolids land application sites are going away due to concerns over damaged soils and nutrient runoff.

BCR’s Southeast Florida NuTerra Organics Facility addresses each of these concerns and provides an environmentally beneficial solution for biosolids and organics management. BCR assumes long-term responsibility for all biosolids and organics received at the facility, minimizing your long-term liability. The facility produces a Class A/EQ compost that meets the requirements for participation in the U.S. Compost Council’s Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) program.

Benefits of Participating

BCR is negotiating long-term service contracts with regional municipalities for dedicated capacity at the Southeast Florida NuTerra Organics Facility. Clients who participate experience numerous benefits, including:

  • Reduce regulatory risks: Participating in this regional biosolids management facility ensures that you have a long-term disposition solution in accordance with emerging regulations around water resources and nutrient limits.
  • Achieve recycling goals: Participation in this facility helps municipalities meet organic waste recycling targets under FS 403.706.
  • Minimize nutrient leaching: NuTerra contains high organic content material with relatively low nutrient concentrations, substantially reducing nutrient leaching.
  • Eliminate odor issues: BCR’s Accelerated Composting process effectively eliminates nuisance odors associated with biosolids and organics treatment throughout composting and in the final product.
  • No long-term liability: As part of the service contract, BCR takes complete, long-term responsibility for your biosolids.
  • Guaranteed capacity: The Southeast Florida NuTerra Organics Facility offers a guaranteed, year-round disposition outlet for your biosolids and organic wastes under a long-term contract.

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