Our Team

Aaron F. Zahn – Chairman & CEO

Aaron Zahn was recruited to BCR Environmental in 2009 by the Board of Directors to establish the Company as a global leader in the wastewater and organic waste industry.

During Aaron’s tenure at BCR, the Company has undergone significant cultural, organizational, financial and strategic focus transformation. Notable accomplishments between 2009 and 2011 include a corporate restructuring of BCR, angel round funding, the attraction of world class talent, and organic growth of the Company to a free cash flow positive state. In 2011, Aaron raised equity from institutional investors. He directed the product standardization and market development of the Company’s Neutralizer®, CleanB™, and CleanB-AC™ systems. Aaron and his team formalized marketing, sales and branding efforts within the Company. Aaron has led a series of public private partnership transactions to deliver over $50 million in ‘turn-key’ projects. In addition, Aaron coordinated strategic partnerships with industry leading organizations to accelerate corporate growth and led the team through a regulatory approval process culminating in the achievement of a new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approval of the Company’s Neutralizer® system (the first federal approval of any such system since 1993).

In 2010, Aaron was appointed Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development for the State of Florida in Governor Rick Scott’s Transition Team. The committee was responsible for providing strategic planning and oversight of public policies focused on economic expansion in the areas of emerging technologies, infrastructure, capital markets, higher education and research and development.

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