Our Team

Todd Chambers – Director of Operations

Todd is responsible for administering BCR’s long-term project and technical support programs. He has played an integral role in developing BCR’s client operation and maintenance capabilities and Total Chemical Management Plan (TCMP). Todd trains, schedules, and monitors all customer support representatives in order to provide best-in-class customer support.

Todd brings extensive operations, customer support, and project management experience to his role. Prior to joining BCR, Todd was the National Program Manager for contract skilled labor providing support to nationwide customers. Additionally, he has extensive experience managing the operations and maintenance of automated Critical Data Facilities requiring 100% uptime as well as training the operating staff. Todd served as a Naval Officer for more than twenty years where he was Engineering Officer of the Watch on diesel, diesel electric, gas turbine, and steam turbine plants. He also served as Operations & Maintenance Manager for all facets of electrical and mechanical equipment, where he was responsible for numerous project management roles in the operation, installation, upgrade, and repair of complex electrical and mechanical systems and controls.

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