BCR’s Project Approach

BCR is an environmental solutions company that is transforming biosolids and organic waste management. We deliver simple, scalable, environmentally responsible and economically viable solutions that lower the costs and risks of biosolids and organics management while addressing the long-term needs of every client we work with.

BCR’s Core Principles

BCR believes the solutions we deliver must be Simple, Scalable, Environmentally Responsible, and Economically Viable. By developing solutions in accordance with these guiding principles, BCR is transforming the status quo and creating long-term solutions that cost effectively reduce each client’s risk profile.

Delivering the Whole Solution

Biosolids and organics management planning is often a balancing act between reducing costs and minimizing risks. BCR is changing the equation and transforming the biosolids and organics management industry with our Whole Solution approach built on delivering treatment, transportation, and end product management.

Delivering Projects in the Green Zone

BCR defines the Green Zone as the position of lowest overall cost and risk for our clients. Our transformative project approach provides solutions that minimize a client’s overall biosolids and organics management costs and reduce their immediate and long-term risks, delivering projects in the Green Zone.