BCR’s Core Principles

In order to deliver Green Zone projects that provide our clients with the lowest cost and lowest risk solutions, BCR believes the projects we deliver must be simple, scalable, economically viable, and environmentally responsible.


BCR’s transformative biosolids and organics management solutions offer refreshing simplicity. Simple to operate and simple to integrate with existing systems. BCR’s solutions are reliable, consistent, and easy to use and maintain. BCR’s solutions are highly automated, delivering consistent results, eliminating operational complexity, and requiring minimal operator intervention.


Advanced biosolids and organics management solutions typically cater to large-scale operations, leaving small and mid-sized facilities without options. BCR is transforming the industry by delivering solutions that are highly scalable, modular, and mobile. Our solutions are ideal for small and medium sized municipalities and offer unprecedented expandability.

Economically Viable:

For solutions to be truly transformative, they must be more than simple, safe, and environmentally responsible. They must make economic sense. BCR’s solutions provide economic viability. Compared to other available alternatives, BCR’s solutions require less capital investment and lower operating costs. Our solutions are designed to offer the best possible balance between lowering costs and reducing risks.

Environmentally Responsible:

Environmental responsibility has become essential to biosolids and organic waste management. Emerging solutions must be sustainable for the long term. BCR’s solutions are some of the most environmentally beneficial in existence, reducing energy consumption, improving efficiency, and producing highly beneficial end products.