Green Zone Solutions

BCR has created our Green Zone Development Process to systematically and consistently evaluate every client’s unique opportunity and deliver the solution with the lowest cost and risk.

The Green Zone

We define the Green Zone as the position of lowest possible ovreall cost and risk on the Cost/Risk chart to the right. By delivering a Whole Solution in accordance with our Core Principles, we move clients down and to the left, improving on each client’s Status Quo. Our five-stage development process ensures effective teamwork and communication. At the end of each stage, we work closely with each client to evaluate the progress of the project and make any necessary adjustments, using the client’s goals to guide decisions at each stage.

The Green Zone Development Process

Green Zone Validation

During Green Zone Validation, we discuss and identify the goals of the client’s Green Zone project. The objective is to define what a successful project looks like for the client and agree upon an initial set of criteria based on the client’s unique situation.

Whole Solution Development

During Whole Solution Development, BCR presents the findings from our initial cost and risk assessment. The objective is to determine the client’s current cost/risk profile as a reference point for establishing the benefits of BCR’s solution.

Whole Solution Verification

During Whole Solution Verification, BCR works with the client to further refine the risk assessment and project economics and discuss additional project details. The goal is to quantify and verify the cost/risk benefits of BCR’s Green Zone project.

Whole Solution Proposal

During Whole Solution Proposal, BCR works closely with the client to verify final project economics and benefits and discuss the project timeline. The goal is to define the process and identify the resources for executing the project.

Whole Solution Negotiation

During Whole Solution Negotiation, we agree upon the final details of the project as established throughout the Green Zone Development Process. The goal is to reach an executed contract so that BCR can deliver the client’s project and meet the goals established in the previous steps.