Delivering the Whole Solution

BCR has invested significant time in understanding the risks and pain points that our clients face when it comes to biosolids and organics management. Our Whole Solution approach is designed to address these many challenges in long term planning and day-to-day operation.

Every biosolids and organics management program faces a unique set of challengs. BCR is capable of delivering long-term solutions that address a client’s unique situation with a solution that includes Treatment, Transportation, and End Product Management. This Whole Solution approach is designed to reduce costs and eliminate risks for the client.

The Whole Solution

BCR’s Whole Solution Approach

  • Treatment: Eliminate odors and meet current and anticipated regulatory demands while reducing capital and operating costs at the wastewater treatment plant or organics treatment facility.
  • Transportation: Provide safe, consistent, and reliable transportation of the end product.
  • End Product Management: Deliver a solution that includes management and beneficial reuse of the final product, taking full advantage of the beneficial characteristics of the product produced during treatment.