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Purpose: If you would like to receive a personalized analysis of the potential benefits BCR’s solutions can offer you, please fill out the form below. The information requested will allow us to provide a detailed analysis specific to your situation and needs. Thank you for your time and input.

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Plant Capacity & Treatment

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Maximum inflow: mgd   Minimum inflow: mgd
Increase over last 5 years: mgd   10-year projected increase: mgd

Breifly describe biological treatment pre-sludge wasting (e.g. MBR, oxidation ditch):

WAS percent solids from clarifier: %      
Waste sludge flow from clarifier: gpm   gpd
Percent solids to dewatering: %      
Sludge flow to dewatering: gpm   gpd



Type of digestion:  Aerobic Anaerobic

Number of digesters: Digester size: gal
Number of Motors: Horsepower: hp Hours per day:

Are there any planned upgrades or rehabilitation to the digesters?  yes no

If yes, please describe briefly the plans and potential costs:

Additional Biosolids Treatment (excluding digestion)

Annual biosolids production:
dry tons

Biosolids type:
 Class A Class B

Current biosolids treatment system (excluding digestion):
 Dryer Lime ATAD other

If other:

Annual O&M cost of additional treatment: $/year

Annual consumables (odor control, chemicals, etc.) cost: $/year

Additional treatment motor load:
Number of motors:   Horsepower:   Hours of use per day:

Do you compost?  yes no

Any other biosolids treatment details? (Capacity/odor/regulatory issues? Long-term plans?)

Sludge Dewatering

Does the plant have dewatering facilities?  yes no

Solids before dewatering: %   Solids after dewatering: %

Current sludge dewatering equipment:
 Gravity Belt Screw Press Centrifuge Other

If other:

Are you adding lime or caustic?  yes no

Polymer consumption per month: $/month   lb/month

Electricity cost for additional biosolids treatment: $/yr

Natural gas cost for biosolids treatment: $/yr

Sludge Hauling and Disposition

Sludge hauling cost: $/wet ton

Wet tons per month:

Landfill disposition: $/wet ton

Land app: $/wet ton

Other disposition:    $/wet ton

Energy Consumption

Total annual electricity costs: $/yr   Electricity rate: $/kwh
Total annual natural gas costs: $/yr   Natural gas rate: $/MMBtu



Please provide any additional comments or information that could help BCR better understand you biosolids management needs. (Future expansion estimates, regulatory concerns, environmental concerns, etc.)