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Berkeley County to Install Four BCR Environmental Systems as Part of Chesapeake Bay Watershed Improvement Program

First BCR CleanB™ installations in West Virginia will reduce costs, reduce energy consumption, eliminate odor issues, improve regulatory compliance, and improve environmental conditions in the delicate Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – April 9, 2014 – BCR Environmental announced today that the Berkeley County Public Service Sewer District (BCPSSD) has executed a contract to install CleanB™ systems at four of its wastewater treatment plants to upgrade to Class B biosolids production. BCPSSD chose to install the CleanB™ systems as a lower capital and operating cost alternative to aerobic digestion.

Located on the Potomac River, Berkeley County is part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, the largest estuary in the United States. Excessive nutrient runoff is a major challenge facing the bay, and almost three quarters of the bay’s tidal waters are considered impaired by chemical contaminants. The BCPSSD is currently undertaking an ambitious improvement program to reduce nutrient discharge.

BCR’s CleanB™ Solution, in addition to providing a lower-cost alternative to aerobic digestion, will allow BCPSSD to reduce its impact on the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. When land applied, CleanB™ Class B residuals allow soils to better hold onto nutrients which could otherwise leach out of the soil and into the local water system.

“BCR is proud to participate in Berkeley County’s efforts to deliver wastewater treatment solutions that are economically viable and environmentally responsible,” said Aaron Zahn, BCR President and CEO. “We are proud to offer a solution that meets the County’s needs in this environmentally sensitive region.”

Currently in operation throughout Florida, BCR’s CleanB™ solution simplifies wastewater treatment operations and has a proven history of delivering cost savings. BCPSSD chose BCR’s solution as the best option to address multiple challenges including escalating capital and operating costs, odor control, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations.

”The BCR CleanB™ system provides a substantial capital and operating cost reduction to the overall BCPSSD wastewater treatment plant expansions, as well as delivering significant environmental benefits to the region,“ said Curtis Keller, General Manager at BCPSSD. ”Berkeley County is proud to lead the way as the first to adopt this highly beneficial technology in the State of West Virginia.”

About BCR Environmental
BCR Environmental Corporation is a U.S. based clean technology company focused on providing industry-revolutionizing solutions that convert biosolids and organic wastes into safe, valuable, and marketable products. Our company and all of our solutions are based on the principals of simplicity, scalability, environmental responsibility, and economic viability. BCR’s patented solutions include CleanB™, CleanB-AC™, and Neutralizer®. Our solutions eliminate odors and reduce capital and budgetary constraints. Each solution is designed to overcome the economy of scale limitations and operating complexity of traditional biosolids and organic waste management solutions.

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