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City of Deltona Dedicates Eastern Water Reclamation Facility that Uses BCR’s Neutralizer® System

BCR solution reduces cost of capital improvements, lowers operating costs, and ensures regulatory compliance.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Dec. 10, 2015—BCR Environmental (BCR), a proven innovator of technologies for the advanced treatment and conversion of wastewater and organic waste, today announced that the City of Deltona dedicated its Greenfield Eastern Water Reclamation Facility, which uses the company’s Neutralizer® system—a simple, scalable, environmentally responsible, EPA approved, and cost-effective solution for treating, disinfecting, stabilizing and reducing the mass of wastewater residuals. BCR representatives participated in a walkthrough of the facility and the Neutralizer system’s processes for attendees, including Deltona Mayor John C. Masiarczyk, Sr., Volusia County commissioners, and representatives of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

“In keeping with Neutralizer’s successful track record of saving communities money and reducing operating challenges and risks associated with wastewater residuals treatment, our complete biosolids treatment solution is helping the City meet its goals economically and environmentally,” said BCR President and CEO Aaron Zahn. “The final product produced by Neutralizer treatment is a high-quality soil amendment suitable for a variety of agricultural and landscaping applications.”

Chosen over thermal dryers, lime stabilization and pasteurization systems associated with traditional digestion, City staff and consulting engineers had determined that the Neutralizer solution had the lowest overall lifecycle costs and provided superior odor management, regulatory compliance, and sludge volume reduction. In addition, it produces a marketable, high-quality soil amendment with proven water conservation and slow release nutrient qualities.

 About BCR Environmental
BCR Environmental Corporation (BCR) is a U.S.-based developer of innovative, scalable, economical, and environmentally advantageous wastewater treatment and conversion technologies. BCR’s patented solutions—CleanBÒ, CleanB-AC™ and Neutralizer®—are EPA-approved technologies for binding nutrients into and reducing biosolid mass for the creation and beneficial reuse of high-quality marketable end products. Filling a centuries-old gap left by traditional technologies, BCR technologies simplify and enhance disinfection, stabilization, deodorization and reduction of biosolid and organic waste mass. In addition, they reduce energy consumption by approximately 95 percent and eliminate nutrient pollution by allowing the nutrients to remain in the biosolids. The reduced footprint needed for wastewater treatment and organic waste/biosolids management help reduce or eliminate the need for costly plant expansions to meet increasing demand, and allow existing plants to repurpose tanks for storm water run-off, reuse water storage and other operational benefits. For more information, visit or call 904-819-9170.

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