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Fort Pierce Utilities Authority to Install BCR Environmental CleanB™ Solution and Save $200,000 in First Year

BCR Environmental’s CleanB™ solution will reduce energy consumption, simplify treatment operations, eliminate odor issues, improve regulatory compliance and lower total operating costs.

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – November 12, 2013 – BCR Environmental announced today that the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) has executed a contract to install a CleanB™ system and centrifuge at the FPUA Island Water Reclamation Facility. The BCR solution will save FPUA approximately $200,000 in the first year and an estimated $5.3 million over the next 20 years of operation.

“BCR is proud to work with the Fort Pierce Utilities Authority to deliver the benefits of BCR’s CleanB™ solution,” said Aaron Zahn, BCR President and CEO. “We are proud to offer a solution capable of providing significant economic and environmental benefits to the community.”

BCR’s CleanB™ system is an environmentally responsible and cost effective solution for managing wastewater residuals. Currently in operation in multiple locations in Florida, the system simplifies wastewater treatment operations and has a proven history of delivering cost savings.

FPUA chose BCR’s solution, consisting of a CleanB™ and Centrisys centrifuge, as the best option to address multiple challenges including escalating operating costs, odor control, and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. CleanB™ will upgrade FPUA’s regulatory compliance, diversifying the available disposition outlets and allowing the material to be beneficially reused.

“The solution provided by BCR offered FPUA greater independence, operational flexibility, enhanced odor control, improved regulatory compliance, and significantly lower operating costs, while also delivering a positive environmental impact to the local community,” said William Thiess, FPUA Director of Utilities.

About BCR Environmental
BCR Environmental Corporation is a U.S. based total biosolids solutions company focused on providing industry-revolutionizing solutions that convert biosolids and organic wastes into safe, valuable, and marketable products. Our Company and all of our solutions are based on the principals of simplicity, scalability, environmental responsibility, and economic viability. BCR’s patented solutions include CleanB™, CleanB-AC™, and Neutralizer®. Our solutions eliminate odors and reduce capital and budgetary constraints. Each solution is designed to overcome the economy of scale limitations and operating complexity of traditional biosolids and organic waste management solutions.

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