CleanB-AC® Benefits

The CleanB-AC solution provides numerous advantages compared to traditional composting technologies:

  • Reduced Cost: CleanB-AC significantly reduces labor and other operating costs associated with composting by automating the composting process and eliminating the need to turn piles.
  • Reduced Odors: Proper aeration of the compost piles keeps the piles in an aerobic state and prevents odors from developing due to anaerobic decomposition. CleanB and Neutralizer treated material is free from foul odors when it arrives at the AC facility, ensuring that odors are minimized from start to finish.
  • Accelerated Processing Time: By carefully controlling temperatures within the compost piles and ensuring proper aeration, the Accelerated Composting technology substantially reduces the amount of time required for effective composting to around 30 days to a cured product. Traditional composting technologies often take 4-6 months to reach a final product.
  • Decreased Land Requirements: Accelerating the composting process reduces the amount of land required to approximately a quarter of the space required by traditional composting technologies.
  • Improved Product Quality: By carefully controlling the composting process, CleanB-AC produces NuTerra a superior compost product with a pleasant, earthy aroma, higher retained nutrient value, and greater stability. The improved quality and consistency of the end product simplify end product management and regulatory compliance.