CleanB is BCR’s patented Class B biosolids treatment solution. The CleanB system chemically treats Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) and produces Class B biosolids in less than 10 minutes.

CleanB® System

In 2009, BCR brought the cost-effective CleanB solution to market as an alternative to aerobic and anaerobic digestion. BCR has installed multiple CleanB systems throughout the State of Florida and the eastern United States.

The CleanB system treats biosolids to meet Class B regulatory requirements for beneficial reuse in accordance with Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 503. CleanB is a simple, one-stage process that uses two chemicals: sulfuric acid (50%) and sodium chlorite (15%), which are combined in BCR’s patented Generating System to generate chlorine dioxide onsite. The chlorine dioxide is injected into the sludge stream for disinfection and deodorization. The system is modular and highly scalable, has a small footprint, and may be mobilized or permanently installed onsite. Every CleanB system is outfitted with a control system and monitoring devices to record process parameters and ensure a consistent, repeatable Class B biosolids end product.

The CleanB process requires minimal energy consumption and has delivered substantial energy savings to clients. In addition, wastewater facilities that utilize the CleanB system may eliminate aerobic digestion, thickening systems, odor control systems and other energy intensive equipment. As a result, a wastewater treatment plant’s energy footprint may be dramatically improved by incorporating a CleanB system.

CleanB is not only simple, scalable, economically viable and environmentally responsible, it also reduces processing time from 30 days (for typical aerobic digestion systems) to a matter of minutes. The simplicity and reliability of the CleanB solution can significantly reduce a wastewater treatment plant’s operating costs through reduced complexity and energy consumption.