CleanB-AC is BCR’s patented Class A/EQ composting system for producing completely odor free, nutrient rich compost in approximately 30 days from biosolids to finished product.

AC System

BCR develops both regional and on-site Accelerated Composting (AC) facilities. CleanB-AC facilities can receive CleanB treated biosolids and Neutralizer treated residuals. AC facilities utilize a unique Accelerated Composting method to produce a premium compost product in a quarter of the time and using a quarter of the space of traditional composting systems. The process produces NuTerra, a Class A/EQ (Exceptional Quality) compost with an excellent market value.

The Accelerated Composting system uses an innovative Aerated Static Pile (ASP) composting process (the Rutgers method) to control pile temperature and achieve ideal composting conditions. The forced-air system removes excess heat from the compost pile through on-demand forced air ventilation. Improved pile dynamics significantly decrease the time required for composting and improve compost quality and consistency. The process is odor-free from start to finish.

The CleanB-AC system achieves significant savings over traditional composting and is ideal for sites or facilities facing odor or space issues. The process is simple and automated, producing a consistent compost product with substantially reduced labor demands compared to traditional composting systems.