CleanB® Benefits

The CleanB system treats biosolids to Class B standards in minutes and can offer a significant cost advantage over conventional methods. CleanB is the only viable Class B option that does not rely on digestion or lime stabilization. This extremely scalable solution is economically viable for wastewater treatment plants of virtually any size. The benefits of the CleanB system include:

  • Reduced capital costs: CleanB requires minimal upfront capital to implement, and BCR offers flexible project approaches that can even eliminate upfront capital costs. The CleanB system reduces infrastructure complexity by eliminating the need for digestion.
  • Reduced operating costs: The CleanB solution uses chemistry rather than energy to achieve Class B standards. The end result is a reduction in energy and polymer costs.
  • Reduced energy requirements: By eliminating the need for digestion and other energy-intensive systems, CleanB installations typically experience substantial energy savings, often reducing energy consumption by 90% or greater. Energy savings translate to operating cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Improved dewatering of biosolids: CleanB installations typically experience improved biosolids dewatering, often achieving 20% dryer solids while requiring up to 30% less polymer.
  • Elimination of odor issues: CleanB effectively eliminates odor issues beginning with onsite treatment and continuing through transportation and end product disposition. CleanB chemical treatment eliminates odorous compounds by oxidizing sulfides, sulfates, and mercaptans.
  • Enhanced regulatory Compliance: CleanB simply and consistently meets U.S. EPA regulatory requirements for beneficial reuse of Class B biosolids in accordance with Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 503. Class B biosolids are created in minutes vs. 30-40 days for digestion.
  • Upgradable: CleanB biosolids can be further treated to Class A/EQ standards through the CleanB-AC solution