NuTerraTM Premium Compost Characteristics

Percent solids 55-65%
Appearance Soil
pH 6.5-7.5
Odor Earthy/Soil
C/N Ratio ~14:1
Total N 1-1.5%
Total P 1-1.5%
Total K 0.2-0.4%
Typical distribution method Truck and spreader
Ground water impact Low nutrient leaching
Water conservation Water retention in soils

NuTerra compost is a premium Class A/EQ (Exceptional Quality) compost suitable for a wide variety of beneficial uses as a soil conditioner and topdressing. Produced by BCR’s Accelerated Composting process, NuTerra is a nutrient-dense compost that rebuilds soil by increasing organic matter, replenishing soil microbes, and improving water conservation.

NuTerra is an ideal soil amendment for stressed soils. This pH neutral product can be used to provide buffer capacity for pH stressed, alkaline soils. NuTerra also improves a soil’s water retention characteristics and reduces nutrient runoff.

Benefits of NuTerraTM Premium Compost

NuTerra premium compost and the Accelerated Composting system offer key advantages compared to traditional biosolids composting:

  • Eliminate odor issues: NuTerra has a pleasant, earthy smell. The compost is approved for unrestricted usage and can be used in residential and commercial applications.
  • Improve product quality: BCR’s innovative, computer-controlled AC process produces a compost with vigorous microbial populations that revitalize soils.
  • Simplify regulatory compliance: NuTerra meets Title 40 CFR Part 503 Class A/EQ requirements. BCR maintains open communication with the U.S. EPA and state environmental agencies to ensure NuTerra achieves current and future regulatory compliance.
  • Improve plant survival and growth rates: Organic matter improves the aggregate strength of soils, making soil more resistant to compaction and improving root penetration. The organic matter in NuTerra helps plants establish and sustain growth.
  • Reduce nutrient loss: Light textured (sandy) soils possess a low cation exchange capacity (CEC), resulting in nutrient loss. Adding NuTerra to the soil raises the CEC and enables the soil to better hold onto nutrients like potash and nitrogen which would otherwise leach out of the soil.

Expanded Outlets for Beneficial Use

NuTerra premium compost increases soil nutrient content, improves soil’s ability to retain moisture, and helps boost crop yields. The product is ideal for a variety of applications, including:

  • Turf grass maintenance
  • Landscape projects
  • DOT projects
  • Wetland restoration
  • Component of potting soil