CleanB-AC is BCR’s advanced Accelerated Composting solution for producing NuTerra premium compost. The Accelerated Composting technology significantly reduces operational costs and delivers improved product quality compared to traditional composting systems.

The CleanB-AC® Process

Step 1 – Biosolids & Organics Delivery

CleanB treated biosolids—or Neutralizer residuals—are delivered to the AC facility. Additional organics, such as yard waste, are added to provide an optimum carbon ratio and airflow for composting.

Step 2 – Compost Pile Construction

Biosolids and organic waste are combined at a 2.5:1 to 5:1 (v/v) ratio. The combined material is then placed in piles on an air plenum system. Thermocouples, inserted into the piles and connected to controllers in the AC unit, control airflow through the piles.

Step 3 – AC Stabilization

Once pile temperatures reach the operational set point, the monitoring system activates the blowers to maintain pile temperatures within the specified range of 130°F-150°F. The control system optimizes pile temperatures to accelerate the composting and stabilization process. The pile meets pathogen reduction requirements for Class A/EQ and Vector Attraction Reduction (VAR) requirements after 16‐18 days.

Step 4 – AC Curing

Following the stabilization phase of composting, the control system maintains the piles in an automated curing phase, during which time pile aeration is increased and the temperature is lowered to accelerate curing. Piles are cured for approximately 14 days. The entire composting process takes approximately 30 days.

Step 5 – NuTerraTM Distribution

Cured compost is sent through a trommel screen where finished compost is separated from the ‘overs’ fraction. Following screening, the finished compost is marketed and sold to end users as NuTerra premium compost. BCR produces NuTerra blends for a variety of uses including as a topsoil, soil conditioner, or landscaping product.